Sophie and I snuggled deep into the covers. This first night of below 50 degree weather combined with the 7pm sunsets gave us reason to climb into the covers a bit early with a big stack of books and our new writing pad/ journal. I write in a journal every night, yet as my girls were growing up, I never made it a part of our bedtime routine. Reading came so naturally. Writing…..something i kept private.

A new generation and a new chance to try again. So there we were. We had a stack of books and a pad. “How should we go about this,” I wondered. Might help if I had thought about what kind of a writing utensil I’d use with a 21 month old ahead of time. But, no such planning on my part. So, we grabbed what was closest….a bright pink highlighter. “Soph, let’s draw about something fun we did today. Maybe when we went to get pizza.”

Sophie picked up the highlighter, leaned over the pad like a archaeologist discovering a rare fossil, clutched the highlighter between her thumb and a couple other fingers, pushed her little lips forward and scribbled. “Charee!” she announced.

I added to the entry with my words. “Yeah, we saw Charley and her dad and baby Joey at the pizza place.”

Hmm….what now? Do we date it and call it a first entry and move on to prayers? This is new to me.

But, Sophie, apparently was not finished. More intent pink scribbles. More leaning. The tip of her tongue is pushing against the bottom of her top lip. ” Charee dad,” she says as she points to the newest marks.

I embellish. Am I supposed to embellish? Not sure. No one ever wrote with me when I was growing up. Should I label it? That seems a little kindergartenish. She’s only 21 months.

The page is totally pink. Sophie is pretty pink, too. Nana is a little pink,as well.

I close the pad. Snuggle deeper. Play with her curls as we say prayers. Thank God for my granddaughter and read one more book.